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2GT Teamed Up with Wild Geese Group

2GT group and Wild Geese Group Sdn Bhd has agreed to work together to establish Brunei training services with the long-term intention of building the local human capital in achieving the vision of His Majesty in the Wawasan Brunei 2035.

WGG wishes to explore with 2GT in presenting them in Brunei by showcasing their capabilities and courseware particularly in promoting WGG’s UARD/NOCN courses which 2GT has identified as an area where there could be a lot of interest.

WGG also hereby confirms that 2GT as an entity and shall be exclusively identified as the Principle Operator/Company to carry out all activities and supply to Brunei. The Parties through this project shall dedicate to increase the skills and competency levels of the local Brunei workforce in line with the Brunei Government’s Bruneianzation drive.

Brief description of Wild Geese Group Sdn Bhd:

WGG was incorporated in Malaysia and has established itself as a global provider of solutions, systems and people in the extremely specialised field of Incident Command adopted from the military to ensure safe operations are maintained.  WGG is also the provider for Internationally accredited courses and programs in the Management of Major Emergencies (MOME/MEM) also referred to as Incident Command Systems (ICS).